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15 October 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians


This week we would like to bring the following matters to your attention:



We want to inform you in advance that our annual Honour’s Assembly will take place on 01 November.  Learners who must attend this event will receive a letter in due course.  (Only parents/guardians of learners who receive letters, attend this event due to limited seats being available). We will be starting with the Graduation Ceremony for grade R at 08:00.  Grades 1, 2 and 3 will follow at 10:00 and grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 will have their ceremony at 12:00.  Final arrangements and final times will be communicated to you shortly.



The year-end exams for the Intermediate Phase (gr 4 – 7) starts in November.  The learners will receive the demarcation and exam time table soon.  This will give them enough time to do the necessary revision and be well prepared for the exams. Please encourage your child to work very hard, do homework and class work regularly and be on time for school. The teachers will do everything in their power to assist the learners to achieve the desired levels, but the learners need to do their part by being properly prepared.



We are experiencing difficulty in contacting certain parents is a case of an emergency, due to the fact that the contact numbers on our system is outdated and not in use anymore.  We urge parents to PLEASE update contact details at school as soon any changes occur on your side.



Some of our learners are playing very rough games during break time and in the process they are hurting each other badly.  One of the games played is called WW Wrestling where the learners are throwing each other on the ground with force, kicking each other extremely hard and become more and more violent towards each other.  This behaviour I put at the door of uncontrolled Television programmes watched by children.  Please control what your child is watching on the television, as this type of violent behaviour is against the school rules and learners who are caught transgressing again, will be suspended.  Please discuss this matter with your child in order to understand the dangers of these rough games they are playing.



I hope you all have a lovely week.



Kind regards






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