Newsletter #33

Newsletter #33

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23 October 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians


This week we would like to bring the following matters to your attention:



On Thursday 25 October, Laerskool Paardekraal will be participating in a friendly Athletics meeting at Millennium.  Only athletes who participate will receive a letter to confirm their participation.  All relevant details will be given to athletes today.  Please ensure that you receive the relevant information from your child.



Parents, please note that home time for the learners is 13:40 every day.  It is alarming to see how many children are waiting for transport long after 15:00.  Many children who stay close to the school, hang around after school with their friends.  These children should go home straight after school and remain at home.  We can unfortunately not employ people to look after children on the pavement.  It remains the parents’ responsibility to ensure the safety of their children.  Please also take note that we received upsetting information about the dealing of drugs and dagga in the afternoons, on the pavement in front of the school.  Do you know where your child is in the afternoons? Do you know at what time your child is fetched from school in the afternoons? Do you know who your child is hanging out with in the afternoons?  Please parents, assist us with this huge problem as the school will not take responsibility for children who are not fetched on time. Should you have a problem fetching your child on time, please enquire at school about the After Care Centre, run by Mrs Terblanche.  At a nominal fee per month you can at least ensure the safety of your child.



Thank you to most of our parents who pay their school fees on time.  We salute you for taking your responsibility seriously.  Please remember that the final instalment for 2018 school fees is due on or before the 7th of November, where after all outstanding fees without written arrangements will be handed over for collection.  Please prevent legal action, extra costs and interest added and black listing, by paying on time or at least making reasonable arrangements for paying outstanding school fees.  For any school fee arrangements or enquiries, please get in contact with Ms J Lynch as a matter of urgency.



Thank you for your support to the school.  I hope that you will have a blessed week ahead.


Kind regards




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