Newsletter #37

Newsletter #37

on Monday, 19 November 2018. Posted in Newsletters



Dear Parents/Guardians


We are almost at the end of the exams and seeing that many learners do not return to school after this week, I would like to bring the following matters to your attention:



All grades 4 – 6 learners are finishing their exams on Thursday and the grade 7’s on Friday.  We hope that their hard work pays off when they receive their report cards on 12 December.  All text books MUST be handed in this week.  All lost or damaged text books must be paid for please.



We will be having our Inter house Athletics on Friday 23 November 2018, here at school.  The aim is to choose our athletics team for 2019.  All potential athletes are requested to come to school on Friday, dressed in a short and T-shirt.  There is no need for the athletes to bring a suitcase on Friday.  The Grade 7’s are still writing their exam on Friday and should therefore be at school as normal.



There are still a huge amount of learners waiting on the pavement in the afternoons to be fetched.  Many of these learners live in the area and should walk home but stay at school to be with their friends.  Parents should please ensure that children who must walk home do not hang around school in the afternoons.  We are in the process of determining which children stay late every day, in order to see whether it would be safer if the child is placed in a school closer to home where the child can walk home instead of waiting at school until late.  We will be contacting individual parents regarding this matter, as the safety of our learners is very important to us and the problem seems to be increasing instead of decreasing.



Please note that report cards will be handed out on the 12th of December between 08:00 and 09:30.  Please make sure that report cards are fetched between the allocated times, as the teachers would be unable to assist you after 09:30. 


Kind regards 




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